RF Switch Matrix


Custom Coaxial Switch Matrix​​​​​​​

For applications involving the test and measurement of multiple RF components, Teledyne Coax offers a Custom Switch Matrix to integrate multiple switches, along with additional components including filters, mixers, and attenuators. These Custom Switch Matrix units can contain SPDT, Transfer, or Multi-Throw Switches in either Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) or Multiplexer (MUX) configurations. Matrix units save the operator the time of tediously reconnecting multiple switch paths, by offering ability to select multiple input and output path configurations through an easy to use controller interface consisting of an LED multi-character display and keypad. Also available, are Miniature Matrix units, which can house up to two SPDT, Transfer, or SP8T Multi-throw ​switches     ​​​​     ​


 Fully customized switching configurations
 Universal Power Supply
 Visual Display – High Visual LED
 Standard and custom racks available
 Manual/direct and/or remote control
 50 and 75 ohm impedances
 Multiple interface configurations:
- RF ports – SMA, 2.92mm, N, SMB, TNC, etc.
- Control – RS-232, Ethernet, USB, Keypad, etc.
 Monitor cycle count
 System health/system status
 LEDs: Visual Status​
 In-circuit programming (firmware upgradable)​  ​​​
​​​​​ RF Matrix Request Form​​​​​​