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RF Switch Matrix Application

Note: All fields marked with as asterisk ("*") are required.


1.   Switching Configuration:  

* Configuration      Specify: 
* RF Port Connector Type    Specify * Switch Action
* Open Port Termination * Input Ports X Output Ports:   X

* Switch Load

If Hot Switch, Expected Switching Cycle  
2.  RF Performance:  
* Required Frequency Range   to    OR   Specify
* Characteristic Impedance * Signal Power Level /

* Input to Output Insertion Loss (dB)
at   OR  at OR at  

* Return Loss (dB) or VSWR (X:1) (max.)
at   OR  at OR at  

* Port to Port Isolation (dB)
at   OR  at OR at  
3.  Control Interface:  
* Remote Interface: Specify
* Local Control (Front Panel): Specify *Display
4. Other Requirements: 
* Power Source: Specify:
* Chassis Dimensions Height:   Width: Depth:  
Or  19 Inch Standard Rack Mount Specify 
* Operating Temperature Range: * Shock Level
* Storage Temperature Range: * Vibration Level
* RoHS Compliance:    * Quantity: * Expected Delivery Time
5. Additional Comments: 

6. Contact Information:  

Your Name:










Zip Code:






Phone Number:



Enter code to confirm submission  
Confirmation:   Validation Enter Confirmation Code:   *
Thank you for taking the time to complete our questionnaire. Select the "Submit" button below when finished. Please allow 1-2 working days for a response.

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