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Teledyne Coax's staff of qualified technical and business professionals are here to help with datasheet, catalog, and other literature requests, ​​as well as provide technical support. To maintain the highest level of customer service, Teledyne Coax welcomes all customer comments and feedback. 

US Con​tacts

Michael Palakian
Global Director Sales and Marketing​​
Tel: (323) 241-1209
email: michael.palakian@t​eledyne.com 
​Doug Neff ​​
Eastern Regional Sales Manager
Tel: (931) 270​-2751
email: douglas.neff@teledyne.com ​
Brian Price ​​
Western Regional Sales Manager
Tel: (310) 340​-4181
email: brian.price@teledyne.com ​
​​​FAE Team
Field Applications Engineer​​​​
Tel: (323) 241-1206
email: Relays@teledyne.com


​​Hi-Rel/Space Products​

 Dan Yracheta
 Hi-Rel Sales Manager​​
 Tel: (323) 241-1218
 email: dan.yracheta@t​eledyne.com


Europe, Middle East, Africa Con​tacts

Olivier Dilun
EMEA Director Sales and Marketing​
Tel: +33 (0) 1 6405 8118
email: olivier.dilun@tele​dyne.com 
Stuart Crawford 
Distribution and EMEA Customer Service Manager
Tel: +44 (0) 1236 733 059
email: stuart.crawford@teledyne.com 

Asia Con​tacts

Michael Lim
Asia Regional Sales Manager​
Tel:​ +65 8125 2829
Guanghe Guo
Field Applications Engineer​ (China only)
Tel: +86 755-8203-1​855 Ex. 28​
email: guanghe.guo@teledyne.com

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