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​​​​​​New Product Releases​

Teledyne Coax Introduces:​​​​

​​CCR-50U Series – DC - 53GHz Latching SPDT

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​​SPDT Switch​​​​

Teledyne Coax introduces the CCR-50U, an electromechanical SPDT coaxial switch designed for 5G applications. This switch bidirectional switch connects a common input to either of the two outputs. 

Teledyne Coax Introduces:

New Miniature Switch Matrices

Teledyne Coax introduces the MMA, MMB & MMC Series. The MMA, MMB & MMC series incorporate Teledyne Coax Switches with remote control via USB and/or TCP/IP (Ethernet). Command set provided. 

Teledyne Coax Introduces:​​​​

​​New CCT-49K Series – DC - 40GHz Latching, Terminated, 

​​Multi-Throw Switch​​​​

Teledyne Coax introduces the CCT-49K, an internally terminated broadband 40GHz, latching, multi-throw, electromechanical coaxial switch designed to switch from a common input to any of 3, 4, 5, or 6 outputs. 

Teledyne Relays Introduces:​​​​

​​New RF700/RF 703 Series – DC - 4GHz DPDT Non-Latching Relay​​​

Teledyne Relays introduces the RF700/RF703 Family. The ultra miniature RF700 and RF703 relays are designed to provide a practical through-hole solution with RF signal repeatability over the frequency range.​