​​​​​​HI-REL Screening ​Program​​​​

Space/Hi-Reliability​ SPDT, Transfer & Switch-Blocks​​​​​

For applications where no failure rate is acceptable, Teledyne Coax offers high-performance switching solutions that meet the stringent requirements of aerospace applications.  Our SPDT, Transfer, Switch Blocks have been designed for use in space, and are thoroughly tested and screened at the highest levels to ensure optimal performance. ​​Teledyne also offers Hi-Rel E​lectromech​anical Rel​ays ​​

Coaxial SPDT Switches

​​Part NO.​Description​​​​
Latching, Space Grade, SPDT, 50Ω impedance

H-33S       ​
Latching, Space Grade, SPDT, 50Ω impedance

Coaxial Transfer Switches

Part NO.​Description​​​​
Latching, Space Grade, Transfer Switch50Ω impedance

H-47N       ​
Latching, Space Grade, Transfer Switch, 50Ω impedance

Custom ​Switch Block

Part NO.​Description​​​​
     ​          Switch-Block     A switch block is a system composed of multiple individual space qualified switches connected to achieve multi-input and multi-output configurations, allowing you to reduce space. A switch block can consist of SPDT and Transfer switches to achieve customized switching configurations

Teledyne Switch Block Features:

• D-Connectors

• Custom Mounting

• Venting (Pressure Control)

• Custom Switching Patterns

• Transient Suppression (Diode Protection)

• Custom Telemetry Interfaces/Connections