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Switching Solutions
Teledyne Coax is Everywhereyoulook™, providing high-power, high-frequency switching solutions for SATCOM, aviation, and military & space applications. Teledyne’s line of SPDT, 2P3T, SP3T-SP10T multi-throw, Low-PIM, and transfer switches are designed for applications requiring up to DC-53GHz bandwidth, low insertion loss, high isolation, and high repeatability. For test and measurement of multiple RF components, Teledyne Coax offers custom switch matrices and miniature matrices—which can be remotely controlled by LabVIEW, Python, C/C++ and other programming languages.


Business Focus   ​

QPL & COTS Electromechanical Relays   

QPL & COTS Solid-State Relays   

Space (Hi-Rel) Electromechanical Relays   

RF & Microwave Relays & Coaxial Switches   

Industrial Solid-State Relays   

Switching Matrices


Commercial & Military Aviation   

Defense & Aerospace   

Telecom/Communications (Wireless)   

Instrumentation & Test   

Industrial Power & Motion Control   

Medical Applications