Who We Are


Mission, Vision, and Values


As a designer and manufacturer of products used in critically important applications, such as aviation and defense systems, Teledyne Coax maintains a firm commitment to quality and safety. We understand the importance of reliability when integrating our components into a system, and strive to ensure quality across all departments. 


To continue engineering new products to further establish our organization as an ​​​industry leader in switching solutions, while offering our customers the highest level of support and commitment to quality.


Teledyne Coax conducts all business practices with the highest level of integrity and ethical responsibility. We are committed to complying with all legal and environmental regulations in our business practices domestically within the U.S. and abroad.

We understand the success of our company affects the lives of our employees and shareholders, and we strive to maintain our competitive edge and preserve our company's​​ reputation. 


Customer satisfaction is Teledyne Coax’s guiding principle. As an organization, we are committed to meet or exceed customers’ and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

We strive to continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system while producing products of the highest quality. Quality objectives are established, measured, reported and periodically reviewed for continuing suitability.​